Bio-Kit Natural Multi-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate



Model: FBK-1663

  • Kill Mildew, Decodorizing

  • Degreases, Remove Carbon

  • Kill Bacteria & Virus

  • Biodegradable,Safe for Use, Non-Toxic , 

  • Natural Botanical Extracts, Lime Soda Fragrance

  • Dilution ratio 1:50

Natural multi-purpose cleaning and disinfecting concentration

100% natural with the blends of pharmaceutical grade botanical extracts like pine oil and orange peel 

Effective cleaning, disinfecting and insect repellent capabilities

Unlike other strong chemical-based cleaning products, offers the safe hygiene which causes no irritations to eyes, nose and skin, and leaves no harmful residues.

It is completely safe for babies, elderly, pregnant women and pets. 


  • General cleaning (from wiping furniture, garden furniture ,window cleaning, to mopping floors); Cleaning Toys ; Degreasing kitchen equipment and utensils; Disinfecting food storage areas (refrigerators, microwave, oven, food carrying vehicles, food display cabinets etc.) ; Dissolving of oily deposits from plumbing; Removing dirt and fungi from bathtub, toilet fittings, water basins; Laundry cleaning & much more. 

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